D2 driver side wiper problems

Friday, September 20, 2019 - 13:45

Not exactly diagnostics but I'm putting here for want of a specific location.

I normally use LR wiper blades but recently fitted Lucas blades from a local LR parts seller. Wipers were working fine up until the LR blades finally gave up the ghost,

As soon as I put on the Lucas blades the drivers side started lifting off at around 45° which wasn't especially good in the wet.

Swapping wipers between passenger and driver side didn't help, A bit of fiddling a few weeks ago improved the situation but didn't solve.

What seemed to be happening was that the airfoil on the drivers side was fouling on the insides of wiper arm when it was in park position. As the blade wiped across the screen it couldn't pivot, and lifted off the screen.

Finally had a chance to look at the issue properly today and it seems like the Lucas blades are slightly too fat in the transitions into the waisted section. A bit of gentle pressure applied in these area with vice grips seems to have solved the issue.

I had looked at the various LR and it seems to be a relatively common issue. Given that most of the advice I could find was "the arm is stuffed, replace it" or "you need to replace the airfoil" or both, a bit of simple reshaping for nix seems to a far better solution than $100+AUD on unnecessary parts.