ECU recovery using BDM interface

I've been doing a bit of work on using the Motorola BDM port as a means of recovering ECU's which have been bricked by a failed OBD port firmware upload.

At present the most reliable way to do this is to remove the 29F200 eeprom chip from the ECU, reprogram the firmware using a suitable EEPROM programmer, then solder the chip back into the ECU. With a little bit of practice this is fairly quick to do, and the last one I attempted took about 3 hours from opening the case to resealing.

The promise of the using the BDM port to reprogram is that you skip the desolder and solder stages which significantly reduces the intrusiveness of the process and cuts the turn around time.

While doing my initial research I came across a set of scripts that had been developed by Motorola as an example of how to program flash chips using the BD32 software and the Public Domain BDM interface. The copies I found were buried in an archive mobile phone hacking software, so I've attached the key portions as a stand alone zip archive.