NOTE: Andrew Revill's MEMS3 Flasher

Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 14:45

Please be aware that while Andrew's MEMS3 Flasher will read from, and write to, the Td5 ECU, the application was NOT designed with that purpose in mind.
As a result you will need to exercise a degree of caution when using to program the Td5.

Things to note:

  • LR diagnostics do not give access to the boot loader code, so a full EEPROM read cannot be done on any MEMS3 based ECU.
  • Options like clearing adaptations are at best going to result in an error, at worst they may over-write something like throttle or inject config.

It is important to be aware that the "full EEPROM" save file generated by the Flasher and Mapper apps consists of the variant, programming records and tune read from the connected ECU. However a petrol ECU boot loader used to replace the unreadable boot loader.

The "boot033" boot loader used does not configure the ECU correctly and will prevent correct operation of TD5 variant code and tunes if written to flash over BDM or with an external flash programmer.

If you are planning on using the app for tuning I would highly recommend using the option to save fuel map only. You can modify the XDFs to work with these files by setting the offset in the header to 0 and deleting the Nanocom checksum.

The MEMS3 flasher will take care of the LR specific checksumming.