Monday, March 18, 2019 - 18:45

I've been working on a disassembly of a K-Series engine map that runs on an NNN petrol MEMS ECU for last day or so.

While there is a basic level of commonality with the Td5 this is very much restricted to low level drivers and some utility functions, like map lookup and interpolation, basic kline drivers, CANBUS drivers, etc, etc.

It's this type of functionality that accounts for the similar appearance of the ECU fuel maps. The lookup for sensor scaling is pretty much identical, even though the actual processing has significant differences, for example.

Once you move beyond this "housekeeping" code, you are firmly into the realm of engine specifics.

So yes, MEMS are similar up to a point - but this also hides a lot of difference in the actual engine code.

In other words "MEMS ain't MEMS"