Td5 Tuning - a "Torque Based" approach

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 15:03 -- OffTrack


In Feb 2014 I started a small private forum which had as it's main goal the development of DIY Td5 tuning through collaboration and sharing. The forum ran for about 10 months before it was hacked twice and I closed the site.

Shortly after starting the forum, on 11 Feb 2014, I posted a list of key maps and a flow chart of map interactions for the three sets of maps that allow commonly used remapping techniques to be applied to the Td5 engine maps. Subsequent work done with valuable input from mturri, def89, discomad, and russ, included developing and testing the first wide range MAP sensor modification, and discussion of axis extension and rescaling of Smoke Map parameters.

Fast forward to December 2016, and many of the innovations from the forum [Forum name has been removed. The domain is now registered by a commercial tuner and I have no interest in promoting their wares.] are now starting to make their way into commercial tunes despite the "strictly for personal use" condition of membership. Rather than leave the information from the forum decay, I've decided to put itinto the public domain so all aspiring Td5 tuners can benefit.

While some have chosen to call this type of remapping "revolutionary", it is more accurate to describe it as the correct way to tune. Rather than working around a lack of information about limiters and map interaction by modifying the injector duration, the aim is to accurately meter airmass and then adjust fuelling parameters to suit. This has major advantages because it allows the ECU to correctly adjust injection quantity and timing.

The method is broadly applicable to both EU2 and EU3 maps. The caveat is that EU3 maps are far more tightly locked to near factory specs and require more work from the tuner to make power. These mods will be covered at a later date.

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