MSB trivia - three way throttle support

Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 16:00

I came across an oddity in the MSB000080 and MSB101360 code while trying to understand why the map structure in those ECU's is slightly different to other MSB and NNN EU2 maps.

Most have an unused Ambient Air Temp sensor input which will display values from a connected AAT via diagnostics but otherwise don't use the values. The MSB000080 and MSB101360 are slightly different and looking at the code I realised that the AAT input was being used for as a third-track throttle input.

The throttle code used in MSB000080 and MSB101360 is the same as in the NNN ECU's. These two models have support for three way throttle, and appear to have diagnostic support for setting throttle ways. Note this is different to diagnostic tools supporting making changes - I don't have either unit here so difficult to test.

The way-3 values are reported by diagnostics as an AAT reading in the temperature sensors request, and the throttle diagnostics report only ways 1 and 2, throttle amount and supply voltage.

It's probably something to file under "So what do we do with that?"