Header editing in Tuner Pro

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 - 13:45

Update I've added a short video giving a run through on adding a column header editor to a table.

A few people have asked how to edit headers for map tables, so this is quick how-to on setting up header edit maps.

The screen shots are for a EU2 map, so don't assume that the values in the screen shots will work for you - they most likely won't.

  1. Open up the smoke map definition (right click / F2) and noted the Address, Data Size and Number of Columns under the Columns tab.

Find column details

  1. Add a new table (right click, Insert new XDF parameter), On the general tab add a name, the address from the columns tab of the original map and the data size.

New Table - General Tab

  1. Add the number of columns under the columns tab.

 Columns Tab

And save.

This will give you a “table” which looks like this...

 Completed header editor

You can now edit the header values in the cells of the new table.

This video gives a quick run through of the process, and should hopefully fill in any gaps.