Torque Limiters

Monday, December 12, 2016 - 17:00

Again these are fairly straight forward maps in terms of structure. The torque limiter (Reference Cut in Td5 Map Editor) should have the lowest maximum IQ of the three "core" maps.


  • Map009: Torque limiter (high and low range) - 78 map variants
  • Map008: Torque limiter (high and low range) - 79 map variants

Torque Limiter Eu2
EU2 Torque Limiter


  • Map017: Torque limiter - High Range
  • Map018: Torque limiter - Low Range

High Range Auto Eu3 EU3 High Range

Low Range Auto Eu3 EU3 Low Range

Axis Values

  • X-axis: RPM
  • Y-axis: Inject Quantity mg/stroke.

Apart from the fact that Td5MapEditor reverses the identification of high and low range on Hi and Low range, these are well known maps. I will note that the table values are in the same units as the smoke and driver demand maps. I'll expand on that in the next section.